To Infinity and Beyond Hauls

To Infinity and Beyond Hauls {June Book Haul}

The time finally comes wherein bibliophiles share books they hauled every end of each month. This month I tried to not buy anything but I guess I failed since it was my birthday month and I couldn’t resist new book releases. I accumulated 7 books… which is a lot shabby for my wallet. 😅

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Summer Days & Summer Nights: Book Review


Gosh guys I’m really excited for this post! I’ll explain why. This book is made of twelve love SHORT stories and so I can’t review short stories because.. I don’t normally read short stories. But to bring some justice to this book, with a cover I really love + written by great authors, I decided to make each short story a collage of aesthetic photos. ‘Cos guys who says summer can’t be aesthetic? ☺️

P.S: This was my first time making (don’t judge) these aesthetic collages so it took a week but it was totes of fun!!! I won’t go much into details of each short story since the collage will hopefully be accurate enough to do it’s magic  ☺️

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Tea Time with Ravenclaw

Tea Time with a Ravenclaw {The OTP Book Tag}

It’s time for Tea Time with a Ravenclaw, where I either discuss about a topic, rant my feelings, or share some tips hiding up my sleeve! For my first discussion post, I was inspired by Jananee’s OTP Book Tag post.

And I thought ‘hmm.. why not do this tag as a way to express how much of a FANGIRL I am over fictional couples?” I am a sucker when fantasy books have swoon worthy fictional couples! You guys have no idea how many times I was swooning over the many talented fan art of my OTP’s.

P.S: I suggest not to get yourself spoiled by reading this post-I too don’t want you guys to be spoiled- if you haven’t read any of the books pictured above.

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To Infinity and Beyond Hauls

Too Infinity & Beyond Hauls {#1}

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*A page featuring either my tiny books hauls, massive book hauls, and book haul of the month. The hauls just keep going on and on to “Infinity and Beyond!”

The day after my birthday aka (June 10, 2016) which was last Saturday, I had a mini book haul (not guilty since it was my b-day hahaha) and my mom bought me a gift that I know I’ll always love and cherish. You guys should know I’m a sentimental Ravenclaw. For example: my bookshelf, already overflowing with books. I would really hate to sell or get rid of the books that I love because each book has it’s own history, own story, and own value. I mean seriously, would you give up a book you so dearly love?

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Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Aloha…

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Hi. Hello. Welcome to Tales of a Biblio, a blog based on a teen-Ravenclaw’s love for reading.


Just because this blog is mostly based on books doesn’t mean I’m cooped up in my room, lying on my bed, surrounded by numerous pillows (feeling all cuddly and safe) spending the whole day reading. Nope. Nada. Unless the book I’m currently reading is irresistible to put down and askfsjkflsa – in a good way.

Guys I’m just a beginner at book blogging so please don’t expect very high vocabulary-worthy words from me. Or anything that is beyond my limits. Although just expect to hear honest thoughts and maybe my spirit channeling through my words of choice.

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