To Infinity and Beyond Hauls

To Infinity and Beyond Hauls {July Book Haul}

It’s that time of the month where we, book lovers, recap how many books we accumulated this month and whether or not to feel shame for being broke because we just can’t help ourselves from hauling books. *LOL* I’m not gonna lie but I’m guilty for how much I spent for books this month. I got eight books and a wallet that literally has a hole.

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The Crooked Sixpence (The Uncommoners #1): Book Review


Such an unexpectedly enjoyable read from a Middle Grade series! I didn’t expect so much but I was very glad that this book made me feel like my thirteen year old self again. Definitely recommend to pick this up if 1.) you’re missing your childhood, 2.) you love Harry Potter, and 3.) you’re looking for a fast paced read.

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Lair of Dreams: Book Review


As much as I loved The Diviners, I was a bit disappointed with this sequel. I mean it was great and awesome it just had less thrill to it compared to the first book of this series. Probably because this sequel was focused on the concepts of dreams and nightmares. Nonetheless I still 100% urge you guys to pick up the first book and you can read my thoughts about it here.

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Tea Time with Ravenclaw

Tea Time with a Ravenclaw {Summer Reading Recommendations}

Woo hey you lovely readers! I’m back with a new Tea Time with a Ravenclaw where I discuss whatever is up on my alley. I know a lot of you on summer vacation or it’s summer at your place. So I decided to recommend awesome books on what you could read whenever you have those moments on you don’t know what to do with your life and what-nots even though I start school on August. *cries really hard*

By the wayyy I’m going to recommend a mix between fantasy and contemporaries because c’mon reading a variety of genres are fun!!

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Tea Time with Ravenclaw

Tea Time with a Ravenclaw {How I Edit My Photos}

On my recent post, you guys suggested that I should show how I edit my photos. Since it’s been a year already and ever since my start in bookstagram ’till now, my whole editing skills has changed a lot lot lot. So Ladies and Gents, I present you all a new Tea Time with a Ravenclaw post where I will share my secret on how I edit my photos. You can check out my instagram right here, if you have no clue what my photos look like.

*If you are very proud person who doesn’t use any filters, then I don’t think this post will be applicable for you, just saying. But there can be a possibility on tips on taking photos, so stay tuned for that!

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The Diviners: Book Review


OMG HOW DID I NOT READ THIS AMAZING BOOK A YEAR AGO WHEN I HAD IT?! I was so close to placing this on the shelf where I would never read a book ever. I’m so glad I came upon the short story of Libba Bray’s in the Summer Days and Summer Nights for I got to glimpse at how she writes her stories. I highly recommend you guys to read this book. If you don’t own this yet, I suggest you get the beautiful hardback, which unfortunately I don’t have, because trust me you’ll get a book causing you to sit on the edge of your seat. Plus you’ll love the fact that you’ll get a fantastic read with a stunning cover.

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