“Who is she?” Well her name is Nikki.

There’s nothing much to know about her and her boring self except that…

  • She isn’t an ordinary person. Nope she is a dreamer, a reader of mostly YA, and she is proud to show her blue and bronze colors as she is in part of the Ravenclaw house.
  • She loves to photograph… mostly her books for her part as a bookstagramer. You can check her IG page, containing a messy feed at the moment, here.
  • She is too basic for life.
  • She’s sorry that she’s addicted to buying books because of their gorgeous covers. Example: she has two copies of Little Women in two differently gorgeous editions.
  • She doesn’t have a sweet tooth although her dream is to try sweets from Diagon Alley.
  • Her favorite authors are: J.K Rowling, Sarah J. Mass, Morgan Matson, V.E Schwab, and Maggie Stievharter

“What’s on her blog?”

Nikki has a different way of reviewing her books…

She grades them by referring to the grading system of Hogwarts 😀

  • Exceeds expectations – 5 stars // the book was askdhssdla; no words to explain how great it was.
  • Outstanding – 4 // there were few bits and pieces that were bothering Nikki.
  • Acceptable – 3 // it was alright…  Not bad but not good either.
  • Dreadful – 2 // it’s okay. Nothing special happening.
  • Poor – 1 // major problems happening and Nikki’s not finding the book to her likings.
  • Troll – .5 // that point five is a mercy point but honestly Nikki is not likely to pick up the book again.

Read my review policy, if you are interested in Nikki to review your book.