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Goodbye 2016; Hello 2017

I am going to be blunt right now but 2016 in terms of reading, sucks. There is a hint of disappointment for myself because I was not able to finish my Goodreads challenge, which was 35 out of 65. I guess I could loosen up the ties on myself since I am in the eleventh grade and I had to adjust to the new system and whatnots. Okay pessimistic vibe is over and I present you all with my ten favorite reads of 2016:

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And That's a Wrap

And That’s a Wrap {July 2016}

Welcome again to And That’s a Wrap where I show books I’ve read, show a recap on my blog, and show the highlights during the month. Wonderful not news. Another month had passed again so fast *claps miserably*. On the bright side though I read six books which I’m obviously proud of. Sad news though is that I’m entirely not sure if I’ll get to read a lot on August since it’s school *dun dun dun*.

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