Review Policy


There’s no words to express how ecstatic and pleased I am that you would want me to review your book!

Although please keep in mind I am interested in reviewing the following:

  • YA Fiction
  • Middle Grade Fiction
  • Contemporary and Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure and Action
  • Fairytale and Myth Retellings
  • Historical Fiction

I’m not interested in reviewing:

  • Self-published books (unless I have read prior books by the author)
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry


I will only give my 100% honest and open opinions because this is my personal blog and I intend to use my freedom of speech, I cannot guarantee that my review will be positive or negative. But I will be respectful and I will never intend on bashing. I do apologize in advance if I do not accept your request of reviewing your book due to the dependency on whether I’m hooked by your book or not. No response means I, unfortunately, will not review your book. 

How I review books:

Photographs of the book I’m about to review, which I took

The basic information (like the series, publication date, publisher, page count, whether I bought it or received it for review)

Synopsis found from the back of the book or the Goodreads description

What I loved/liked about the book

What’s bothering about the book – A.K.A the problems I had with the book

A grade inspired by The Hogwart’s Grading System

In addition, I will announce on my Instagram page that I have posted a review so that my followers may be aware about my thoughts.

How I grade:

Exceeds expectations – 5 stars // the book was askdhssdla; no words to explain how great it was.

Outstanding – 4 // there were few bits and pieces that were bothering Nikki.

Acceptable – 3 // it was alright…  Not bad but not good either.

Dreadful – 2 // it’s okay.. Nothing special happening.

Poor – 1 // major problems happening and Nikki’s not finding the book to her likings.

Troll – .5 // that point five is a mercy point but honestly Nikki is not likely to pick up the book again.

Please note that if the book is in the middle of a series, I might need to have the earlier book in that series in order for me to review your book properly.

If you are interested in letting me review your book, I’d prefer ARCs and Physical Copies (ebooks are alright too) and I’m located in the Philippines  🙂 If you are either an author or publisher you may contact me through If you are going to request for me to review your book, it would be greatly appreciated if you would include the following:




format of the book (arc, ebook, hardcover, paperback)

if possible, a link to the author’s website

any addition information i may need to know

Again I’d like to thank you for being interested with allowing me to review your book  🙂